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Mpeg, ressources - Audio - ressources
Index de sites audio - Index of Audio sites
Synthétiseur virtuel gratuit..Super !!! .... - Free virtual Synth on software
Site technique sur l'audio, bien documenté... - Audio ressources, very well documented
Liens majeurs en rapport avec les synthétiseurs et autres... - Synth zone
Achats audio... ressources K2000 - Audio buying center, Sweetwater, K2000 ressources
Infos techniques et centre d'achat audio CEAG - Audio ressources CEAG
CD Vendors Page
Vinyl Vendors, enregistrements rares
A - Thoroughbred's Music Network
Musician's Friend
American Music Supply
The Direct Shop
Long and McQuade Music
Reuse It Music, Inc.
Atlanta's Rhythm City
Costello's Music Catalog Main Screen
Pacific Pro Audio
Leo's Professional Audio, Inc.
Pro Audio Equipment Trading
Kraft Music
Rane Corp., documentation
Audio Engineering Society
The Music Industry Pages
World Wide Pro Audio Directory
Mission Recording and Audio Online
SCRI: Pro A/V Research
Oasis Duplication
Finger Lakes Multimedia Used Gear Swapsheet
USA Used Gear Price List
USA New Gear Price List
SoundWave, The Music Industry Web Site
Music Yellow Pages
Pro Sound News
EQ Magazine
Audioforce Pro Audio Eqpt Rental
Pro Audio/Audiophile Web Sites
New Digital Video Disk Format
Jeff Maggard's DAT Home Page, (mic FAQ)
Sound Check Reference CD
Four Corners Marketing
The Toy Specialists, location
Music Books Plus
Pro Audio Marketplace
live_audio WWWBoard
Live Sound Magazine
MacSpeakerz, liens pour construction audio (HP)
Spirit by Soundcraft
Roland US
AEA Blind Auction
AKG Acoustics
Sweetwater Sound Online
Full Compass, WI
Professional Sound & Music, San Diego
BSS Audio
Harris Broadcast
AKG Acoustics
JBL Eon Info, Australia
Hosa, San Diego
Virtual Library Entry on Audio
Audio Info/Utilities
World of Audio
HiFi on WWW (large alphabetized link list)
Shareware Music Machine
Soundfile and Audio Format Info from MIT Press/CMJ
OSG Audio Formats Guide
Audio Formats FAQ
Multimedia Info
The Cross-Platform Page
Selim's Sound Toolbox,AU, AIFF, QT.
WWW Pages Relating to Sound Computation
Prosoniq's Time/Pitch Scaling FAQ
ProAudio Web
Macromedia, Shockwave
Progressive Networks/RealAudio
WAVmaker Home Page (Windoze WAV synthesis/processing; use with DIDO for CDs)
Kennerly Music Productions
CD-RON Digital Audio (CD-DA), Faq
Audio ressources and MP3 sites, programs, Faq
Waves Pro Audio, compression

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