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Claude Lassonde
Références musicales et générales / Musical and general references

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___________________________________________________MUSIQUE DISQUES
AUDIONET, écoute de disques sur le Net - Listen to records on the Net
A B CD's
AD Music
Alchemy Records
American Recordings
Backburner Records
Boston Skyline Records
Carving Knife
CD Express, music, cd, gifts, commerce,
CDnow! The Internet Music Store
CDworld: Magasin de Musique Internet
empreintes DIGITALes, disques électroacoustiques - Record label
Linden Music
MCA Records: AMP
Noteworthy Music - Menu
Off The Shelf Music & Video
Queenie Records
Resonance Records
Silent Records
Welcome to the Rykoverse
Sony Music
sub pop home page
Windham Hill Records

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